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Sizing Guidelines:

Please use this guide to best match your dog's weight and loin/waist (A) area measurments (see diagram below for instructions). If you know the weight and measurement(s) please provide them in the ordering area below for optimum fitting.

If your female dog has a very short or no tail, please mention this when you check out, our custom-fit diaper works well with short-tail or no-tail dogs such as Boston Terrier. If you have a male Dachshund, please mention it when check out, our custom-fit diaper works well with Dachshund, Basset Hound, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Chinese Crested ...etc.

Size Weight (lbs) Measurement A (inches)

Measurement A: Measure around the waist area (or called: loin/stomach area) in inches with a cloth tape measure. If you don't have a tape measure, use a string and straighten it out to measure on a ruler.

Measurment B: Useful for fitting female dogs and cats. Measure from the root of her tail to where you did measurement A.

Information: Provide as much information as you can about your dog/cat such as Breed, weight, age, long/short hair during check out process.

Small 2 - 4 LBS 9 - 11 inches
Small/Medium ~5 LBS 11 - 12 inches
Medium 6 - 9.5 LBS 12 - 14 inches
Medium/Large ~10 LBS 14 - 15 inches
Large 11 - 16.5 LBS 15 - 17 inches
Large/XLarge ~17 LBS 17 - 19 inches
1XLarge 18 - 27 LBS 19 - 21 inches
XL/2XL ~28 LBS 21 - 23 inches
2XLarge 29 - 55 LBS 23 - 26 inches
3XLarge 55.5 - 75 LBS 26 - 30 inches
4XLarge 75 - 95 LBS 30.5 - 34 inches
Special Orders Over 100 LBS 34.5 - 49 inches
Please provide measurements and dog breed for better fitting.
"In-between sizes" are available.
If you wish to purchase by money order or personal check please click here.

Suggestions/Questions? Please eMail us.

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