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Diapers for Dogs™ GeneralTips

* Our dog and cat diapers are designed to be used with any type of absorbent pads. We recommend using Bladder Control Pads which are originally designed for human because of their strong absorbent power. However these bladder control pads will work just as well for your dog and cat. There are many different brands of Bladder Control Pads. Bladder Control Absorbent Pads can be purchased at our web site: www.DiapersForDogs.com or at most grocery and retail stores such as Walmart or Target.

* Depending on the size of your dog or cat, you can cut the absorbent pad accordingly. For example, we cut one pad into three pieces for small girl and another pad in two pieces for small boy.

* Change the pad as necessary. (just like you would do for your baby)


Male Dog Diapers:

  • As you are putting the absorbent pad in place, pull on the elastic from both sides to allow the pad to set in the pouch.

Female Dog Diapers: (will also work for cats)

  • Place the absorbent pad to cover the anus when you wish to block poop in the diaper or place the absorbent pad lower if you wish to let poop freely drop out and catch only urine.

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