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Custom Design Handmade Dog and Cat Garments

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These beautiful, special designed dog diapers will solve lots of your problems. Add an absorbent pad inside the dog diaper and it will hold pee for 18-24 hours. Say good-bye to house-training hassles and accidents! Put this diaper on your dog, you will forget about dog potty business, just enjoy a clean house and enjoy precious time with your family and pets. Use these diapers during traveling, during bad weather, during in-heat cycles, illness, for incontinence or during the day when dog owners are gone for work.
** Small: 2-4 lbs (9~11 inches), S/M: 5 lbs (11~12"), Medium: 6-9.5 lbs (12"~14")
** M/L: 10 lbs (14"~15"), Large: 11-16.5 lbs (15"~17"), L/XL: 17 lbs (17"~19")
** XL: 18-27 lbs (19"-21"), XL/2XL: 28 lbs (21"~23"), 2XL: 29-55 lbs (23"~26")
** 3XLarge: 55.5-75 lbs (26"~30"), 4XLarge: 75 - 95 lbs (30.5+ inches)
** Many different patterns and colors are available, please visit our web site for more information.

Wholesale orders are available, please see www.diapersfordogs.com for details.
(Get more than one so you can have some spare when others are being washed)
** Female diaper features: Inside is fully lined with Satin fabric to prevent hair from tangling, and add comfort to your dog. Opening for tail is designed to allow ?poop? to freely drop out. Closes with Velcro on both sides. Elastic on 3 areas creates a specially designed shape to give extra room for mobility so it stays on perfectly.

** Male diaper features: Padded and inside is fully lined with Satin fabric to add comfort and prevent hair from tangling. A specially designed pouch with elastic and special curve shape at the legs and tummy area add in mobility to the dog and to keep the diaper stay at the right place. Velcro closes.

Because of their comfort, dogs don?t even realize they are wearing these diapers. These designer diapers stay on perfectly - my dog wears one just like it everyday. The beautiful design makes this diaper become a piece of wardrobe for your dog. It makes a great gift for dog owners. Machine wash and dry.

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